4 Things That Will Happen if You Stop Blogging

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You had good intentions when you started blogging. You knew that regularly updating your blog would help you reach your target demographic, inspire faith in your expertise, and help you develop loyal client relationships that would increase your bottom line.

man reading a blogBut over time, the many demands of life and business got in the way. You began procrastinating, and didn’t update your blog as regularly. Or perhaps you’ve quit blogging entirely. Either way, you have probably noticed, or will soon notice, the following detrimental effects on your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Your social media followers are forgetting about you. Social media is a fast-moving world of quick input… and quick forgetting. Users remember people and businesses they see regularly, and forget about those that fade into the background. If you aren’t regularly posting links to useful information, your target demographic might not remember your name when they need financial services.
  1. Your website traffic has decreased. Your blog brings in website traffic for two reasons:
  • regular, keyword-rich updates to your website increase your ranking with search engines
  • social media followers click on your links to read your blog… and then visit the rest of your website pages

When you stop blogging, your search engine rankings gradually decrease as your competition overtakes you. And as we already discussed, your social media followers forget you and stop visiting your website. If you stop blogging for a few months, you will notice that your website traffic gradually dwindles to a fraction of its former level.

  1. You miss valuable opportunities to network with other professionals. Aside from directly luring new clients, your blog can also grow your practice by boosting your reputation with other professionals. Area CPAs or others in the financial services industry might refer their clients to you, because you have made a positive impression upon them. When you stop blogging, you miss out on important conversations within your professional network. You will probably notice that your referral rate drops as you become disconnected from your peers.
  1. It becomes harder to get started again. Regular blogging is a habit, just like exercise, eating a healthy diet, or keeping your office organized. When you don’t routinely practice a skill, you get rusty, and it becomes harder and harder to get back on track. The best way to maintain any healthy habit is to keep doing it, and the same principle applies to blogging.

The longer it takes to start blogging again, the more you will notice these detrimental effects. If you know you have procrastinated, and that you need to get your digital marketing campaign going again, don’t put it off for another day! Right now, while this issue is on your mind, schedule a time to write a new blog. Put it on your calendar, and treat blogging with the same degree of importance that you would treat a valuable new client.

As always, if you need help with writing original, engaging, and informative blogs, give us a call. Our team of digital marketing experts will be happy to get you back on the right track.

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