5 Steps to a Successful Facebook Campaign

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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If you’re in the middle of developing a social media presence, one thing you might notice is that some of your Facebook friends tend to engage in a lot of self promotion. For advisors who are new to social media, this type of approach can be confusing. Should you be annoyed by these posts, or should you try to emulate them?

Don’t be that guy!facebook-logo

If your knee-jerk reaction is to ignore those Facebook friends, or even unfollow them, then imagine how people would feel about you, if you engaged in the same tactics! It can be tempting to use social media to talk about how skilled you are, or what great service you provide, but you won’t achieve results this way. Instead, use the following five steps to craft a successful social media campaign.

Consider the type of information your audience will want to read. Remember that social media puts control in the hands of the user. Your Facebook followers scroll by content that doesn’t interest them, and they click into the content they do value. Therefore, if you want to reach your target audience, you have to share information that they want to read or watch.

Create blogs or videos to convey this information. Once you have analyzed the preferences of your audience, write blogs or videos to convey this information. In most cases a well-written blog will suffice, but some topics are better explained through videos. The choice is yours; just remember that the content must be relevant to your audience. Blogs or videos should be long enough to give an overview of the topic, but not so long that they give too much detail and bore your audience. The goal is to impress them with your knowledge and friendly approach, and inspire them to call you for more information.

Post links to your blog (or video) on Facebook. Entice your followers to visit your website by posting links to your content. Remember that grabbing their attention with interesting headlines is key, and that a picture will help your audience notice your posts.

Boost your posts to reach more followers. Due to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, all of your followers won’t see every post you make. But if you spend a small amount of money (about 15 dollars) boosting each post in your local area, you can reach hundreds or even thousands more viewers. Bonus: when you pay to boost a post, you ensure that people who fit your ideal demographic will see your content

Repeat steps 1 through 4 consistently. The above four steps will help you to reach your target demographic, impress them with your expertise, and establish yourself as a leading expert in your area. But if you want your audience to remember you, and call you for help with financial services, make sure to repeat these steps. Post on social media about once per week, and you will steadily build an impressive reputation in your local area.

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