Building Relationships Through Email Marketing

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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What would you do if a complete stranger walked up to you on the street, and asked to borrow your favorite jacket? If you’re like most people, you would be surprised at the request, and most likely deny it.

Now what if a friend asked the same question? It’s likely you would grant them this favor.

In both instances, the question is the same, but one thing is different: Who is asking the question?

Most of the time, the nature of our relationship to someone has a profound effect on how we interact with them. When we forge relationships based on trust and mutual respect, we hear the word “yes” a lot more.

When it comes to email marketing for financial advisors, this one simple principle equates to long-term customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and more referrals.

email marketingWhy email?
There are a variety of ways to interact with your prospects online. It is true that many of your relationships may begin on a social networking site such as Facebook or LinkedIn. These platforms are valuable because they strengthen your relationships while also exposing you to an entirely new audience. Social media networking is undeniably an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

But if you rely solely on social media websites, you lack control over who sees your posts, when they see them, and if they will even see them at all. It’s best to view social media sites as a great way to make new contacts, much like an in-person networking event. When you attend such an event, you hope to get phone numbers or email addresses. The same goes for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Therefore, viewing social media as the just one step in your relationships is very important. When you also employ email marketing, you are now in charge of your interactions. You choose when to contact your audience, what to say to them, and to a large degree, whether they see it. Plus, everyone feels more special when someone emails them directly!

Stay in touch…
Whether you gain your contacts’ email addresses from social media, a free giveaway on your website, or some other means, the point is that you are now able to reach out to them when you want. Now you must follow some simple email marketing basics:

  1. Create a compelling newsletter that your target audience will find entertaining or useful
  2. Use content that your contacts would read based on its own merit, regardless of whether you have something to promote
  3. In fact, refrain from promoting yourself. It’s annoying and reads like an commercial
  4. Contact your audience regularly, but not so often that you will annoy them. We recommend a schedule of 4 times per month for financial advisors who want to nourish their relationships.

Remember: If someone gives you their email address, they are extending their trust to you. Nourish that trust, and treat your interactions with care, and you will likely be rewarded with a long and loyal relationship.

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