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Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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When you’re in any type of sales, you probably rely heavily upon networking to increase your customer base and earnings. In particular, one potential source of new business is right in front of you: your current clients. Through your current clients, you can earn the repeat sales and referrals that will drive an increase in profits.

referrals concept handwritten on blackboardIn marketing, we know that it’s almost always easier to sell more services to an existing client than to get a new client from scratch. Therefore, client retention is also an extremely important part of what we do.

How we do it. Some advisors are still working under the outdated ABC strategy: Always Be Closing. They direct all of their efforts toward pushing for new sales. But as we have already pointed out, continually chasing new leads from scratch is much more time-consuming and difficult than earning referrals or repeat sales from past clients. You could say that some advisors are working three times as hard to accomplish goals that could be met largely through client retention and referrals.

In today’s marketplace, many providers of goods and services have discovered that communicating and educating past customers is the key to client retention. As you provide information that informs and helps your audience in some way, you foster loyalty and confidence in your services. Doing this will keep your clients interested in your services, encourage them to call you when they need new services, and inspire them to refer their friends and family to you. Reaching out to your past clients helps you accomplish three goals at once!

The most efficient way to communicate. These days, the most efficient mode of communication is online. Our three-step process is simple:

  1. Write engaging blogs that provide value for your target demographic
  2. Distribute information, along with a link to your blog, via email
  3. Post links to your blog on your Facebook or LinkedIn business page

When you send this information to past clients through email, or if you ask them to follow you on social media, you will keep them engaged with your business. Even better, they will be able to easily refer your services to friends or family by forwarding your emails or sharing your Facebook posts.

As you can see, the process is easy and straightforward. And yet, businesses who follow this model are the ones who win big! Start reaching out to your past clients today, and build a busy, thriving practice tomorrow.

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