Three Steps to a Great Financial Advisor Social Media Campaign

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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All Financial Advisor Social Media is NOT Created Equal

Step One:  Define Your Marketing Goals

The first step in any marketing campaign is being specific about your goals.  A Social Media campaign can be used to generate leads, share useful information, build your firm’s reputation, develop online credibility, increase web traffic, and more!  Knowing what you want is critical to determining which platforms may be the most important and how much time and effort needs to be invested.

Unless you are fully educated and informed about Social Media, you most likely may need help deciding which direction is best for your law firm.  Beware of cookie-cutter approaches!  No two financial firms are identical and likewise, neither are their Social Media needs.

law firm social mediaStep Two:  Identify Your Target Audience

You wouldn’t shop for an engagement ring at a gas station or look for a suit and tie at the corner grocery store.  However, engaging in a Social Media campaign without a specific plan is similar to misguided shopping. Where you go and what you do depends entirely on who you are looking to attract.

A precise discovery process is needed to properly determine the Social Media platforms that are most appropriate for your marketing strategy.  Make sure you are consulting with experts that understand the different platforms available.

Step Three:  Consistency

A Facebook page that your firm has abandoned or seldom updates can be far more detrimental to your firm’s reputation than not having one at all.  A LinkedIn profile that is incomplete or incorrect serves no benefit and is likely a waste of time.  Having a Twitter account but never following anyone results in a lack of credibility.

The bottom line is that making the decision to embark on a Social Media campaign demands that your platforms and profiles are complete and consistently updated.  It usually makes far more sense to outsource these tasks to expert content managers rather than trying to incorporate the task into your firm’s already hectic schedule.  You must ensure that your campaign gets the consistent attention it needs.

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