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Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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Re-Thinking Your Approach to Content Marketing

Now that we have defined “content marketing” in our last article and explained why it is so critical to your marketing efforts, our next step is to give the process some perspective.

More and more financial advisors are beginning to realize the value of content marketing in attracting and retaining a loyal client base. If you’re one of those advisors, congratulations on leading the pack! But as you know, leaders go beyond simple marketing campaigns by instituting winning strategies and philosophies that bring them long-term success.

Realizing the value of content marketing is an important first step. But adopting it as a philosophy for your practice may be the chasm you must cross to reap true rewards.

Become a Publisherpublishing

The most successful content marketers view themselves as self-publishers.

“Publishing? Isn’t that the process of writing books and selling them?”

Actually, Webster’s Dictionary defines publishing as “the business or profession of the commercial production and issuance of literature, information… …as well as materials created or adapted for electronic distribution. Publishing has evolved… …into a vast industry that disseminates every kind of information imaginable.” *

Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Results

Accepting the philosophy of being a publisher could help you to establish goals for your content marketing efforts and keep your results and ROI in the proper perspective. It is important to think of the process not as a “campaign” but rather as a strategy integrated into the very fibers of your practice.

Marketing “campaigns” have a defined beginning and end, while “philosophies” indicate an adopted standard and direction. Becoming a true thought leader requires the “philosophy” approach to your publishing efforts.

As you can see, the definition of publishing has been expanded to reflect the modern ways in which we create and distribute informational content. When you view your organization as a publisher who utilizes a variety of digital media distribution channels, you begin to understand the value, not only to you, but also to your followers.

Successful blogging, for example, is far more a few random thoughts on your website from time to time. When you view yourself as a publisher, you take intentional steps to create content that:

  • captivates your audience
  • creates followers (new leads)
  • shows dedication and loyalty
  • encourages sharing (referrals)
  • retains clients
  • builds important business connections (referral partners)

The key lies in your ability to strategically manage the content creation and distribution channels consistently over an extended period of time. Think of yourself as a scaled-down version of the Wall Street Journal, disseminating pertinent information to constituents that keeps them coming back and wanting more!

And with all the potential benefits, becoming a publisher may not only makes sense, but it also deserves high priority status within your marketing strategy.


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