How Do Blogs Convert Prospects Into Clients?
– Part Two

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In our first article in this series, we began discussing the blogging mechanisms that help you convert prospects into clients. Now we will continue showing you the ways in which you can use your blog to increase your customer base and profits.

Step Three: Intervene early in the buying cycle.

part 2Before making any major purchase, most consumer go through the following process:

  • They realize they need something or have a problem
  • They research their problem (and nowadays, much of that research happens online)
  • They narrow down their options, as one or two begin to look like the best fit for their needs
  • They make a purchase

Your goal in blogging should be to intervene at the first step in the buying cycle. Get your prospects’ attention when they first begin to realize a need for the services you offer, and seek to answer those questions through your blog. You will gain their attention at the earliest stage of the buying cycle, at the perfect time to instill confidence in your abilities and inspire feelings of loyalty to you.

Step Four: Streamline your blogs.

Remember what most of your prospects are seeking when they search online for answers to their financial questions. They want simple, straightforward answers.

Keep in mind, also, the profile of your typical prospect that you developed in Step One of this process. They aren’t all financial professionals like you, or they would already know the answers to these questions! And although they are educated professionals working in other fields, they might not be familiar with financial jargon or enjoy reading about finance whatsoever.

A long, 2,000-word article explaining the complexities of a particular type of annuity product isn’t going to attract your average reader. A 350-word blog explaining some basic options, including bullet points or numbered lists, is enough for the typical prospect to grasp a basic idea of the concept. You want them to maintain interest in your blog, and at some point you want them to call you for more information.

Remember: Keep your blogs short, simple, streamlined, and easy to read.

Step Five: Create an emotional impact.

Most consumers begin the buying process in a logical state of mind, as they research and narrow down their options. But there is still an emotional side to most buying decisions; in fact, emotion can often be the deciding factor toward the end of the process!

Your prospects are more likely to commit to doing business with you when they are feeling positive emotions, and when they feel attached to you and your practice. That’s why we tell advisors to show their personal side or infuse their blogs with an occasional personal story. When you build that kind of rapport with your audience, they will almost always choose to do business with you.

After following steps one through five, you are well on your way to creating the right kind of content, that will turn your online audience into paying clients. Check out our third and final article in this series for the last steps in the blogging process.

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