How to Determine if Your Marketing is on Target in 2016

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Financial advisors are meeting with terrific success by utilizing digital marketing strategies, but at times you might feel as though you’re firing arrows into the dark. You think your campaign is working, but you aren’t sure if you’re always hitting your targets.

targetTake the time to answer the following questions about your strategy. They can help you identify when you’re hitting a bullseye, as well as the times you could use a better aim.

Your website. First of all, do you have one? Your website functions as your virtual storefront on the internet, advertising your practice on the world’s most popular mode of transferring information. You should have an accessible, thorough website that explains who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you offline.

Does your website include a clear call to action, encouraging visitors to interact with you by signing up for a newsletter, receiving a valuable download, or some other incentive? This subtle direction makes an enormous difference in getting visitors to further engage with you.

Does your website include at least one video, in which you introduce yourself and explain your services? Does it attract new views on a regular basis? Seeing your face and hearing your voice will help website visitors to feel like they already know you.

Do you consistently maintain a blog on your website, using the right keywords and including a clear call to action? Blogging will boost your search engine rankings, demonstrate your expertise, and help you make a positive impression on your visitors.

Your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be well-rounded, consistent, and follow a clear plan of action. The motto, “practice makes perfect” certainly applies here! Evaluate what works and continue to hone your strategy. With that said, ask yourself the following questions about your marketing campaign.

Do you maintain an email list of prospective and current clients? How often do you contact them? In order to remain a household name, you have to regularly reach out to your contacts and remind them of what you do.

Do you maintain a consistent social media presence? Do you post links to your blog, videos, or other relevant information to your social media account at least once per week? Do you use available tools, such as boosted posts and targeted ads, to maximize your social media experience? How often do you log into your account to reply to questions and comments from your prospects? To conduct a successful social media campaign, use all of the tools at your disposal and log in at least once per week to interact with your target audience.

Visible results. It can be difficult to completely measure the results of a digital marketing strategy. You should notice an uptick in the following signs that your campaign is working, but keep in mind that:

  1. Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Results appear over time.
  2. Sometimes you won’t know the origins of new clients, especially if you don’t ask or they don’t volunteer the information.
  3. Digital marketing is a multi-pronged approach. You might not know whether a new client was most impressed by your website, a particular blog you wrote, or your social media presence. Keep in mind that all facets of your campaign work together to create one cohesive strategy.

How many contacts do you feel confident will do business with you? You may have created a “hot list” of prospects who seem very interested in your services, and might have already interacted with them in person or on the phone.

How many referrals did you receive last year, from current clients, past clients, other financial professionals? Referrals are a terrific measure of your success. When you keep in touch with older clients, whether by email or social media, they are more likely to recommend you to their family, friends, or coworkers.

Is your social media follower list growing? How many people are viewing your posts, “liking” or sharing them, or clicking through to read your blog posts? Social media provides great clues to the success of your campaign.

How often do new clients mention your social media posts or ads, your targeted emails, or your blogs? This is probably the most visible sign that your campaign is working. New prospects might mention a particular blog when they call to schedule an appointment, or you might notice that a new client has been following you on social media.

This is quite a comprehensive list of questions, so take it slowly and evaluate each point one by one. You might notice that your campaign is particularly strong in some areas, but weak in others. If you have questions about improving your results, give us a call. We can help you revamp your marketing strategy so that you hit your target goals in 2016.


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