How to Maintain Client Relationships by Blogging

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You already understand that a large part of your job centers around forming relationships with your clients. You know that each client could take their business anywhere, so it’s an honor and privilege that they chose you. You worked hard to build that relationship, and you know that you should work equally hard at maintaining it.

Yet, on occasion one of those dreaded ACAT forms will land on your desk. You’ve lost a client, perhaps a valuable one, and you feel discouraged. What happened?

Social Media for Financial AdvisorsTruthfully, any number of things could have happened. But in most cases, it comes down to communication. Your clients expected you to reach out to them on occasion, and to do your part nourishing the relationship. As your practice grew busier and more hectic, you dropped the ball and neglected to communicate with your clients.

Client retention is important to the health of your business, so it makes sense to take measure to ensure that you’re meeting your clients’ needs. But how can you communicate personally with so many people on a regular basis?

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, provide one way to stay in touch. By asking your clients to follow you on social media, you put them in the driver’s seat. They will see your posts, and can click on your links, like your posts, share them, or comment as much or as little as they want.

Email marketing is a more direct and personal way to communicate. Behind the scenes, of course, you aren’t typing up individual letters to each client. You’re creating content that can be shared via email, and sending the messages to your entire customer database. But when you address each client by name, and deliver the messages straight into their inboxes, the communication feels much more intimate.

Social media and email both provide terrific avenues for reaching out to your audience… but what should you say? That’s where blogging comes into play. When you blog, you provide information that is helpful and relevant to your clients. You’re offering them something they need, which will inspire appreciation and confidence in your practice. Use personalized emails to invite clients to read your blogs, or post links to your blog on social media.

Do this on a regular basis, perhaps four times per month, and now you’re communicating with your clients and saying something that they want to hear.

Every other advisor in town wants to manage your clients’ money. But your clients want to do business with someone they know, who inspires a level of trust and comfort in the relationship. When you combine personal meetings, regular emails, and a steady social media presence, you foster the type of relationships clients will continue to value for years. And hopefully, you won’t see very many of those ACAT forms on your desk in the future.

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