Online Marketing- Are You Selling or Educating?

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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Financial advisors are in the sales business, but it’s important to remember your true purpose in the financial services industry. Your goal is to help customers buy the products they need, by educating them and assisting them in analyzing their options. By viewing your job this way, you serve your customers in the truest sense of the word, foster trust and loyalty, and help your practice grow through repeat business and referrals.

Business Meeting With A World Map As A BackgroundAs you launch your digital marketing campaign, remember to keep this mindset intact. You aren’t trying to “get” clients; you’re trying to attract them. What’s the difference? When you push for a sale, you might be successful some of the time, by persuading a few people that they need your services. But you will also turn off a large number of people who otherwise could have become valuable clients. Yet, when you take the time to offer prospects information that they need, you attract clients to you. Digital marketing is all about taking the time to build long-term, successful, mutually beneficial relationships.

We do this buy educating our prospects. When you share information and insights about your industry, your prospects become educated enough to know what they need or want. The “sale” practically makes itself! And since you’re taking the time to instill trust in your knowledge and expertise, those prospects will turn to you for help with their financial needs.

So how is it done? Write informative, entertaining blogs on subjects of concern to your prospects. Telling stories about real or fictional clients, describing the problems they faced, and outlining possible solutions will help your prospects identify with your content.

You might also share industry news, helpful resources, or information about new financial products. This signals to your prospects that you are their source for the latest developments. Think about it: If faced with a serious illness, would you choose the doctor who still used medicines and treatments that were developed decades ago? Or would you choose the one who consistently researched and updated his practices to include cutting-edge techniques? When your prospects’ financial health is at stake, you can be sure they will select a financial advisor who consistently provides them with the most updated information and products. They will choose the advisor who educates them on their best options.

As you continue to develop your digital marketing strategy, ask yourself: “Am I selling or educating?” Understanding the difference – and what it means to your clients – will spur your campaign to success.

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