Social Media Elite: What’s In It for You?

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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In the old days, a Yellow Pages ad and some word-of-mouth advertising may have been all a business needed to succeed. But in today’s fast-paced business world, we know that the phone book is obsolete and neighbors rarely have time to chat across the backyard fence.

The growth of the internet has completely altered the way we conduct our business and social lives. Modern advertising means building a website rather than placing an ad in the local paper, and word-of-mouth recommendations often happen via social media platforms and email. Since competing in the business world depends upon your ability to adapt to current trends, developing a comprehensive internet marketing plan is key to your future success.

social media for financial advisorsOf course, just having a website isn’t enough. Whether or not you already have a business website, that is only the first step to a successful internet marketing campaign. Our Social Media Elite program takes you far beyond a simple web presence. With our exclusive internet marketing strategy, you don’t simply advertise to potential clientele; you form a relationship with them. It’s the modern online equivalent of shaking hands and introducing yourself to your customer base, but we do all the work for you.

A carefully designed social media strategy helps you to grow your practice by:

  • Creating and sharing useful, relevant information with existing and potential clientele
  • Increasing your web traffic
  • Building your firm’s credibility
  • Establishing you as a knowledgeable resource in your field
  • Making connections with potential clients and referral partners
  • Opening doors to new opportunities via social media networking
  • Generating new leads

Of course, when working with an experienced team of professionals, this can all be done within compliance guidelines as well!

Since your business is unique, the first step in our process is a discovery stage. We identify your target demographic, and then analyze their concerns, needs, and internet viewing habits. Content is developed to specifically address the interests of your demographic, is published on your website, and is then distributed via social media. We do the hard part for you, so that you’re free to handle the influx of new business that comes your way.

We can develop a social media marketing plan for any size business, in any market. For more information on how you can leverage the power of social media to grow your business, contact us about our exclusive Social Media Elite program.

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Clifford Blodgett is the Director of Digital Marketing and Demand Generation at Creative One. He is integral in financial advisor interactive communications strategies, website management, social media, content marketing , and overall demand generation.

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