The 4 Best Social Media Tips for Advisors

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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Social media is quickly becoming of the most popular and effective forms of marketing for financial advisors. But since most of you are accustomed to networking in person, at events or special seminars, it can be tricky to get the hang of building relationships online.

thumbs-upYou will encounter a plethora of information and advice on social media marketing, but if you follow just these four tips you’ll be off to a great start.

Don’t go overboard. You really don’t need to create a presence on every social media site out there. Take the time to analyze your target audience and figure out which platforms they’re likely to be using. Then, create an account on just one or two social media sites, and begin building a relationship with the people who will value your services most. For financial advisors, we often recommend the social media platforms that older Americans appear to prefer – namely, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Investigate all of the tools at your disposal. Enlisting help doesn’t have to mean asking other people to contribute to your campaign. Remember to schedule regular blog posts, and set a reminder on your work calendar or smart phone if you find yourself neglecting your social media strategy. Remember to investigate the platform itself, and learn how to use search functions to find your ideal prospects. Join groups so that you can network just as you would in real life. And don’t forget that Facebook ads are an inexpensive and very effective way to grow your audience.

Enlist help. Good content is the key to a successful social media strategy. Without engaging and valuable content, you won’t have anything to offer your target audience. And of course, that means they won’t have any reason to engage with you! So don’t be afraid to enlist the services of a marketing strategist, hire a blogger to write for you, or invest in some professional videos.

Engage. Don’t just post links to your content and log out. Keep in mind that engagement is a two-way street, and that replying to questions or comments is important to building a meaningful relationship with your audience. This proves that you’re dedicated to customer service, an attribute your contacts are likely to value and remember.

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