The Real Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Joe, a financial advisor with twenty years of experience, builds a snazzy new website to represent his practice online. He begins blogging every week, and emails his contacts regularly. He even creates a few quality videos, and he shares posts on social media. Joe has noticed that his profit margin has grown since he started his digital marketing campaign, and yet he hasn’t attracted the number of new clients that he expected. Most of his clients over the past year have been prior contacts. How is this possible? What’s going on?

BenefitsJoe’s situation is a common one. He took all the right steps to catch new leads online, but he feels underwhelmed with that part of his results. On the other hand, Joe isn’t exactly disappointed in general. His practice is thriving, his repeat business has increased, old contacts have finally converted into regular clients, and his profits have soared.

So what happened here? Joe’s intentions were great, but misplaced. He expected digital marketing to bring in new leads, while ignoring the true benefits of his online strategy. Yes, a few new leads have staggered in, here and there, but Joe’s practice has grown in leaps and bounds in an unexpected way.

The truth is that, for most advisors, online marketing is a fantastic way to:

  • drive client loyalty
  • nurture clients through education
  • deepen relationships with your contacts
  • increase repeat business from clients
  • encourage referrals from clients and peers
  • convert leads into clients

Will you pull in some brand-new leads from online marketing? Sure! But lead conversion, not lead generation, is the true benefit of online marketing.

It’s important to remember how the public does business these days. Most are wary of advertising and sales pitches, and prefer to do business with a trustworthy person that they know personally. In order to develop that type of relationship with your clients, you should reach out to them on a regular basis. Providing useful information to educate your clients, offering solutions to their problems, and soothing their fears about the future is the best way to stimulate feelings of loyalty and trust.

Digital marketing provides you the perfect platform to foster these relationships, through blogging, emailing contacts, and interacting with followers on social media. A well-constructed digital marketing campaign will help your practice grow, because deeper relationships translate into lead conversion. The key to your satisfaction with digital marketing lies in knowing what to expect; if these outcomes sound good to you, then get started with a digital marketing campaign today!

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Greg Preite is a digital marketing and Social Media consultant for CreativeOne. He is the lead content writer and contributor to Advisor Online Marketing and was recently named by LifeHealthPro.com as one of the 20 Most Creative People in Insurance.

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