We Told You “Why”, Now Here’s the “How” of LinkedIn

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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Smart financial advisors are joining social media sites in droves. But some of you who want to embark on a social media campaign simply don’t know how to get started. Then, when searching for advice on the topic, you encounter a lot of confusing marketing jargon and theories on human behavior.

linked_in_iconSound familiar? If what you want is to-the-point, step-by-step instructions on getting started with social media, these tips are for you. Follow these five steps to turn your time and energy into direct results, using LinkedIn as your social media platform.

  1. Sign up for your account, and create a profile. Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile will be viewed by potential clients who search for you online, and by new contacts that you make on the social media site itself. So make sure your profile accurately reflects who you are as a business person. Fill out all sections fully, and add some personal touches and a picture. This profile will often be a prospect’s first glimpse of you.
  1. Make connections. LinkedIn will prompt you to add connections from your email account, which is just fine if you want to connect with those people on social media as well. But those are people who already know you. To find new prospects, use LinkedIn’s search feature. You can look for connections who fit your target demographic based on factors such as age, location, etc. Connect with people who you think will value your insight and advice.
  1. Join some groups. Groups allow you to start and participate in discussions, and you can send messages to other group members. Search for local business groups, keeping in mind that this is the online equivalent to joining networking groups offline. Choose groups that are likely to attract your target demographic, because this will help you to get in touch with them.
  1. Post your content. By now, you should have added a blog section to your website, or maybe you’re creating Youtube videos explaining your ideas and services. Providing useful content to your target customer base is the foundation of online marketing success. Now you will post links to these blogs or videos in relevant groups and on your LinkedIn home page. You will see your website traffic increase, and your number of loyal followers will grow.
  1. Make adjustments as needed. Social media marketing often requires a period of trial and error, especially if you’re new to it. Use Google Analytics to track your web traffic. Are you getting traffic from your LinkedIn posts? Which topics seem more popular? Are people staying on your website and browsing other pages, or clicking back out? Investigating these questions will provide valuable insight. You will learn which topics are most relevant to your audience, and whether your posting methods are attracting interest. Keep tweaking your methods until you feel you like you’ve mastered social media.

Remember… When you embark on your social media marketing campaign, stay true to the basic tenets of online marketing. Focus on providing relevant, informative content to your audience. Build your reputation as a friendly, trustworthy expert, and client loyalty will grow. As you build respectful relationships, you earn the right to reach out to your prospects in a more direct and personal way.

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