Top Ten Social Media Tips for Financial Advisors

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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For the financial advisor who wants to get started with social media marketing, sifting through all of the available guidance and advice can be overwhelming in the beginning. Our best social media marketing strategies really boil down to these ten tips. Implement these steps, and you’ll be on your way to an effective social marketing campaign.

  1. Top tenUnderstand that there is a cost to social media marketing. That cost is either the time it takes to do it yourself, or money to pay someone to manage it for you.
  2. If you aren’t already using social media, create an account. If you do have an account, update it, add a photo, make sure your “about me” section is complete, and learn to use search features to locate and create the contacts you desire. Check out other advisors’ profiles to make sure yours looks professional and competitive.
  3. Take the time to develop a strategy. Ask yourself who you want to reach, what questions they may have, and what topics will interest them. Then decide upon the message you want to send.
  4. Remember to use social media to build relationships. It’s not a place to simply post information, but to have a conversation with your contacts and learn about one another.
  5. Educate your customers on financial planning, and give them a chance to contribute to the conversation.
  6. Be consistent. Post at least once a week. Posting more often is okay, too, just as long as your posts are relevant and engaging.
  7. Change up your posts. Use a mix of blog posts, videos, pictures and informational links to engage with your audience. They will come to see you as a valuable source of the information they need.
  8. Along with posting, remember to check your social media account daily. Make it a part of your routine, just as you check email or return phone calls.
  9. Try more than one social media platform in order to find your niche. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all good environments for financial advisors to grow their practices.
  10. Utilize paid advertising on social media platforms, especially Facebook. The organic reach of your posts will be small, but with paid placement you will reach thousands of people on a very small budget.

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