5 Things Advisors Should Know About Video

Written By : Clifford Blodgett

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Online marketing is all about creating informative, compelling content which builds your reputation and credibility as a business person. A website, blog, and social media presence are all great tools for accomplishing this goal. But you can actually multiply their effects by adding one more crucial dimension to your marketing strategy: Videos.  As you continue to perfect your online marketing technique, consider the following five video marketing for financial advisors tips:

Get their attention. Video grabs attention in a way that a blog title just cannot accomplish. It’s true that some people prefer to read their news,video camera and you’re already appealing to that audience if you have a blog. But a large part of your audience may find video much more approachable, and you don’t want to neglect that portion of your demographic. Plus, on many social media sites videos are set to auto-play in the newsfeed, so your video content stands a great chance of grabbing attention.

Build a relationship. Video adds a personal touch to your website. Viewers can “meet” you, hear your voice, and feel as though they’ve already had a conversation with you. The majority of people would rather do business with someone they know, and adding video to your website will lend an intimate atmosphere that you just can’t achieve through text and pictures alone.

Present yourself in a better light. Using video on your site gives you the opportunity to explain yourself and your services in a much more personable way. You should appear more credible and trustworthy if you answer questions in a virtual “face to face” format.

Gain wider exposure. Videos are more likely to “go viral”, meaning thousands of people could potentially see it. This is especially true if your video includes an entertaining or humorous element.

It’s easier than you think!  Videos don’t have to be expensive, complicated productions. In fact, a more home-made feel can actually endear you to your audience. Still, if you’re camera shy or just not up to the task of starring in a home movie, white board video is another great option. White board videos capture attention through simple illustration and explanation via voice-overs. You can still add the visual richness to your website, but without the time investment of a traditional video.

Once you create your video, it’s easy to upload it to your website and share via social media. Technology has opened up new avenues to reach your intended audience. Make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to grow your business!


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