What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Learn from TV

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Do you have a favorite TV show? Most people, even a busy financial advisor, have at least one night per week that is dedicated to watching their favorite show. You might even turn off your phone, shoo away visitors, and avoid social media until you’ve had a chance to catch up with your favorite characters. Fans of popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, NCIS, and The Big Bang Theory are notoriously enthusiastic about their shows. Don’t interrupt them when they’re watching, and don’t even think about ruining their fun by prematurely dropping spoilers!

TelevisionSo what makes certain television programs so popular, to the extent that they inspire cult-like worship? And are there any lessons we can take from smart producers, and apply them to our own marketing strategies? You bet!

Television writers pull stories from recent events. You might have noticed that your favorite crime drama often writes episodes that sound like they’re pulled from recent headlines. That’s because they are! The show’s writers know their audience members have already formed emotional attachments to such stories, and create relevant content to grab your interest.

How you can use the same strategy: Ask yourself what current events are likely to interest your target audience, and blog about them. Recently, Congress approved a new budget plan that closed the “file and suspend” loophole for Social Security beneficiaries. Your audience wants, and needs, that information. Your headlines will grab their interest immediately.

Producers run two-part episodes to entice viewers to tune in the following week. Just as your favorite show seems to reach a climax, it abruptly ends. What just happened? Writers use this little trick to keep you interested. They don’t use it every week, but when they do, ratings for the following episode usually soar.

How you can use the same strategy: Create a two- or three-part blog series on a topic of interest to your audience. For example, it would be impossible (and probably pretty boring) to describe all of the different annuity options in a single article. By spacing out the information over a three-part series, while inserting some personal anecdotes that demonstrate your points, you can ensure repeat visits to your website.

They preview events to come next week. Previews don’t give away any important details. They show you just enough to make you curious about the next week’s episode, and get you excited to watch it.

How you can use the same strategy: When you post on social media, one of your main goals is to entice viewers to click through and read your blogs. Social media channels offer you the ability to include a short snippet or preview of your article, along with a picture. Use this function! You will be surprised at the difference it makes in your click-through rate.

Their marketing team knows where to find you. While you’re watching your favorite crime drama, the network will often air previews for another similar show. Why? They know their target audience (people who enjoy crime dramas) is already right in front of them. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel; most of the show’s audience will be intrigued and tune into the second show.

How you can use the same strategy: LinkedIn groups provide you with an instant audience, because everyone in a group has “tuned in” for similar reasons. Target Facebook posts allow you to choose your audience based on criteria that you select. Both social media channels give financial advisors the perfect opportunity to locate an audience that wants to hear their messages.

Your favorite TV show is consistent; it comes on at the same time, on the same day, on the same channel every week. Viewers would quickly lose interest, if they had no idea when they would get to see another episode.

How you can use the same strategy: Be just as consistent with your marketing strategy. Your clients and prospects look forward to hearing from you, so don’t let them down. Set aside time each week to blog and post on social media. Give them what they want, and you will inspire loyalty in your own fan base.

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